Founded in 1958, Bodegas Pedroheras was born as a Cooperative Society in which hundred farmers joined together to undertake a great project. Our long history has given us extensive experience in the wine sector, having developed a know-how that has been passed down and perfected from generation to generation.

In the 1960s, we carried out one of the biggest expansions of the winery, with the installation of modern machinery and tanks to ensure the reception of grapes. However, it was not until 1985 that the wine office was created, as well as the roadside shop dedicated to selling our wines to the consumer.

For the ageing of the wines, a barrel cave was built underground to maintain a constant and optimal temperature, this happened in 2000. The last extension of the facilities coincided with the 50th anniversary of the winery foundation in 2008, in which one of the main buildings was fitted out with temperature-controlled tanks.

Our Brand

The Greyhound

This story takes place in the heart of La Mancha, specifically in the village of Las Pedroñeras…

…Our legend says that there used to be a very popular groundsel in the area, where travellers who passed through stopped to eat and rest; they called it “La Venta de Pedroheras”(The groundsel of Pedroheras). A place that served as the setting and inspiration for Cervantes in his immortal Don Quijote.

A noble and famished greyhound, whose name and origin nobody knew, used to roam around this groundsel. The greyhound was a shy but sociable animal who liked to drink the leftover wine left by the guests of the house and to rest under the shade of a leafy vine. One day the greyhound left the place as if he were a traveller on his way back, but his memory was always present among the locals and travellers, who spoke about “El Galgo de Pedroheras” (The greyhound of Pedroheras).